SRL weebles

Karen Marcelo invited Oliver Hess to make a series of props for the Survival Research Labs show at the Extreme Futures Festival in Los Angeles.  Oliver’s first experience working on a volunteer crew to realize large art projects was with SRL back in ’92 on a performance to commemorate the groundbreaking of the SF Modern Art Museum.   So it was easy to devote a couple of weeks to this project.  Mark Pauline gave specific instructions that he wanted Weebles filled with Gak which would explode when crushed by various machines.  We had a series of workshops culminating in VIP tickets to the performance in downtown LA : perfect project.

The webbles were made by filling low cost cooking woks with cement and embedding sonotubes into the wet cement.  Carboys filled with freshly mixed gak were suspended inside the sonotubes.

Participants: the SRL weebles were made by Oliver Hess, Scott Bailey, Glen Kinoshita, Nick Vida, Adam Cottingham, Tess Fish, Lindsey Mysee