Picture by Edmund Kwong

Project S’more

New York-based architect Edmund Ming-Yip Kwong proposed a old and unique cylindrical grid shell for the Materials & Applications courtyard at a time when Oliver Hess was just about to retire from his post as Co-Director and begin his own art fabrication laboratory. He agreed to produce the installation as a series of workshops. Beginning with creating the technology to produce hundreds of custom curved plywood laminated pieces then to make a 10′ x 5′ laser cutter to make them and another series of workshops to develop the augmented reality jigging system.

Each plywood sandwich was different but they all had to come together to form a strong structure.  Matthew Melnyk of Nous, a long time MatterApp participant and Aperiodic consultant, did the structural engineering while Edmund refined the design to optimum effect.  A grasshopper script covered every parametric tile to a set of instructions which were video projected onto custom made perforated panels which then held freshly glued and laser cut plywood layers.  All of this was bolted together to produce an amazing installation.


Project S’more was made possible by: Los Angeles County Arts CommissionThe Los Angeles Department of Cultural AffairsMetabolic Studiothe Pasadena Art Alliance, and the Warhol Foundation. Special thanks to Potted for the cast concrete fire pit.

Participants : Buse Aktaş, Kevin Arthofer, Elizabeth Basile, Allison Behrstock, Susan Benjamin, Rebecca Brotman, David Casey, Patricia Chai, Timothy Chai, Adam Cottingham, Kevin Crooks, Jenna Didier, Dmitry Diment, Adam Florin, Gabo Hernandez-Zepeda, Oliver Hess, Tony Hudgins, Donald Hudson, Paul Hunter, Brian Janeczko, Ghazaleh Khezri, Glen Kinoshita, David Kitz, Michal Ko, Phylicia Leinweber, Stephen Linsley, Alex Linz, Luke McQueeney, Matthew Melnyk,, Edmund Ming Yip Kwong, Jessica Mitchell, Peter Molignano, Kate Moxham, Robbie Nock, Jennifer Partlow, Nicole Rinde, Michael Rubin, Derek Ryder, Gina Saharudin, Sarah Schade, Zach Schoch, Dani Terrasi, Alex Valleau, Nick Vida, Raven Weng, Victoria Wu