Aurora Rope

November 2nd and 3rd we erected and performed the ropes for the 2013 Ovation Awards. The final piece used over 6000 feet of rope with numerous layers of animated components approximately 50 feet wide and 25 feet high and 20 feet deep.

Oliver Hess was asked by the Ovation Awards to create a workshop series to create a stage design for their annual recognition of stage professionals in the Los Angeles area.  Oliver proposed an “aurora borealis of rope.”  Over the workshops participants learned about stage rigging from Andrew Varela, an expert rigger who worked for years at Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas. We refined a system to create subtle effects of lighting and moire patterns from overlapping rope system manipulated by puppeteers offstage and inspired by the backstage experience usually only seen by stage professionals.

Participants : Patricia Chai, Oliver Hess, Kevin Crooks, Andrew Varela, Raven Weng, Josie Trung, Yuri Okahana, Tony Hudgins, Mike Ross, Terence Mcfarland, Rosa Lee, Glen Kinoshita, zach schoch, Justus Bradshaw III, Justus Bradshaw, Haley Miller, Zach Schoch, David Tran, Esmi, Andrew Varela, Tito Ladd