Mutual Wave Machine

Suzanne Dikker, whom had previously worked with Oliver for the Compatibility Racer, asked for a lightweight and transportable apparatus for their ongoing research cum art project on brainwave synchrony.  

The project was called the Mutual Wave Machine, produced for the Marina Abromavic Institute to appear at the Silicon Valley Contemporary Art Fair.  A previous version had been produced in Europe by another team, so a style existed, but that one was too monolithic in its materials for easy transport.

Oliver felt that the flatpack polygonal furniture of Roy Kesrouani called Spooning Armchair was perfect.   A workshop was set up in which Roy introduced everyone to his process and inspiration, there we also built a tangential dragknife to cut polygal because the large laser did not do an effective enough job.  Additional workshops focused on constructing the system from panels and then fabric with a custom modular joint and extrusion system.













The software was developed primarily by Matthias Oostrik and Suzanne Dikker with an extensive team of collaborators.  The project went well and most notably for the data collection by the scientists who interviewed people before they entered and debriefed them as they exited.








mwm-setup mwm4