LA Pergolas build


The Los Angeles Pergoals project was awarded to the concept design team of infranatural (then including Jenna Didier, Oliver Hess and Marcos Lutyens) in collaboration with Ned Kahn.  Once the conceptual design was completed Hess took over the detail design and installation oversight of the project under the umbrella of Aperiodic Industries.  Several projects have been executed at Aperiodic including a series of workshops about Spangle, the crystalline project created by the process of galvanizing steel, a key technique of infrastructure construction.








Throughout the design and construction Hess sought to share the development process with the team in the studio, hosting tours to fabricators facilities and to the job site.














The primary work that Aperiodic was responsible for was engineering support, making design tweaks as models and prototypes and then developing them in conjunction with a team of structural, mechanical and materials engineers responsible for certifying the path to fabricate this enormously elaborate sculpture.













In the future we hope to host more workshops to share the process as it develops, extracting as much learning and insights as possible for as many participants as possible.













And that’s only half of the story!



…check back for updates as we develop the kinetic motion system…