Learning The Ropes… 3

This Sunday, help choreograph the performance for the 2013 Ovation awards ceremony. For this, the 3rd workshop in the series,we will recap what we learned over the past month, develop computational and physical models for the final design, and build a full size prototype. So far we estimate 9000 feet of rope and about 254 knots!

Learning from the previous workshop’s prototypes we have decided to tie all the ropes on stage, which means there is an opportunity for crew to work on stage both creating the set and puppeteering it during the performance in 2 weeks.

We will use Grasshopper to compute the exact numbers including time to tie the knots and the amount of rope needed for each knot. No experience or previous attendance necessary. Just bring your curiosity! But if you have a windows laptop and want to join in please install Rhino3d and Grasshopped3d (free demos of each available online).

Those not interested in the computational elements of the project can focus on the design and construction of the lectern for the awards, a prefabricated metal structure which we will modify and customize to accentuate the feeling of the stage.

Please join in the fun by RSVP’ing to this email if you are interested.

Sunday, October 20, 7PM – 10PM: design installation

Saturday, November 2nd 10AM – 5PM (tentative) : Build installation NEWLY ADDED
Sunday, November 3rd 10AM- 5PM (tentative) : perform installation NEWLY ADDED

Aperiodic Industries (2558 N San Fernando Rd Suite B44 Los Angeles, California 90065)

ps: directly down the street from aperiodic is a place called concord which is having an interesting sounding workshop about drones which I will probably attend before the Learning the Ropes 3, check it out, you might like it.


Learning The Ropes… 2

Help design full scale prototypes for “Learning the Ropes” this sunday evening from 7-10pm.

Building pulleys and learning to tie lots of knots to design and build large scale kinetic rope structures will be the order of the evening.

Workshops began 2 sundays ago at Aperiodic Industries as participants learned about the fundamentals of rigging for stage with Andrew Valera developed multiple mechanical schemes. Come this Sunday as we recap what we learned and develop a full size prototype. No experience or previous attendance necessary. Just bring your curiosity!

To participate, reply to this email and RSVP. This is a free event, drinks and snacks to be served.



Project S’more

New York-based architect Edmund Ming-Yip Kwong proposed a old and unique cylindrical grid shell for the Materials & Applications courtyard at a time when Oliver Hess was just about to retire from his post as Co-Director and begin his own art fabrication laboratory. He agreed to produce the installation as a series of workshops. Beginning with creating the technology to produce hundreds of custom curved plywood laminated pieces then to make a 10′ x 5′ laser cutter to make them and another series of workshops to develop the augmented reality jigging system.

Continue reading Project S’more

Cat Vision

Oliver Hess developed this project to learn more about raspberry pi and raspberry pi cam.  He shared the process with those in the studio at the time.  Unfortunately there was not enough time to do a workshop for the development of this project.  However hacking the analog video tuning chip for a battery powered television was fun for everyone around that day. Continue reading Cat Vision

Project S’more Final Chapter

The final S’More workshops are this weekend at M&A. Help us assemble the final panels, shore up the foundation, and install the hardware. Come at noon on Saturday and Sunday then stick around for Campfire Sessions with Jessica Lee Williams, Sunday at 7:30!

Project S’more Chapter 8

Saturday and Sunday,
May 18th & 19th,
Materials and Applications Courtyard
Noon – 8pm

To get you up to speed: it’s a week before the opening, designer Edmund Kwong is on his way to M&A from NYC, and we are moving the workshops to meet him in the M&A courtyard and assemble the lower rings! This Saturday & Sunday we need all able bodies – you, your friends, your friends parents, etc – to jig, bolt, & glue to ∞ !  Luckily this week we made a few discoveries that will aid our efforts:


A change in the number of jigs used positively correlates with total jig output or jigitude! Based on this finding we’ll be busy all week laser cutting the panels for the bottom tiers and assembling more jigs to work with.


There is a similar relationship between the quantity of people jig and the rate of jigging output or jigosity. This needs to be verified at higher volumes. Please refer as as many other participants to Aperiodic Industries. Use persuasive reasoning, offer them incentives, whatever it takes

III. if (BEER + FOOD)  > # of PEOPLE,  then, PEOPLE-happy > PEOPLE-angry

If there is enough beer and food, the number of happy people tend to outweigh those that are angry. RSVP’s establish proper ratios between consumables and consumers. Ensure your portions by replying here!

Can wait to see you there!