Aperiodic Industries is a social fabrication laboratory that uses iterative exploration to solve creative design problems.  Frequently Aperiodic accepts proposals for projects and solves them through the creation of machines and processes as workshops open to the public to maximize the inspiration and value of hybridizing unique creative insights.

Aperiodic Industries carries on the work Oliver Hess started as Co-Director of Materials & Application where he created MatterApp, a workshop series developed around materials research and community building. MatterApp engaged construction projects as experiments challenging all stages of design, engineering and fabrication as integrated development areas which reinforce one another to bring creative insights to every stage of creating unique artwork.  Aperiodic Industries most often engages projects in the interference borders of experimental architecture, art technology and new media projects.

The thought is that the project has the opportunity to be steered by the innovations of all participants, and for those inventions that do not become part of the final project, they are still catalysts for inspirations, insights and partnerships into the future.  The workshops represented here have been the beginning of many projects, partnerships and friendships over the years.

The goal of Aperiodic Industries is to partner with visionaries to create the most culturally valuable artwork and to share those experiences with the public and enrich creative communities.  Please join our mailing list to learn more about future workshops and build projects.

If you want to be an intern, fellow, collaborator, participant, volunteer, or get involved : make a proposal.  We generally expect people to volunteer 20% of their time to the studio in return for its use, additionally we expect at least one workshop of skills exchange or learning that is open to the public.

For more information about the artwork Oliver Hess creates himself please check out his website Choubun.