Interactive DJ Booth at Project Vegas

This Commission was inspired by various ideas including the floating movement of jelly fish, Ned Kahn’s explorations of rotation and wind and the classic Marilyn Monroe updraft moment that has been reinterpreted by so many artists and inspired the likes of Warhol et al.

Visitors to Project Vegas passed underneath this billowing portal as they visited the world renowned fashion convention.The canopy was blown by 8 powerful dmx controlled fans that responded and reacted to passers by. The platform was engineered to safely hold the DJ plus necessary equipment.

For added interest a camera was placed in the base of the booth, so people could see upwards on a flat screen TV embedded in the ceiling.

Las Vegas, August, 2007

Concept Design Marcos Lutyens

Interaction Design Oliver Hess

Fabrication by Joanne Bloomfield, Oliver Hess, Marcos Lutyens, Astrid Deihl, Jih Yuen Byeon, Craft Brother Upholstery and ShowRig.

Logistical support Jenna Didier