Spangle 2

Spangle Time 2

Friday February 13th 5pm-8pm

In order to make steel last, you need to coat it with something, and one of the longest lasting most efficient coating is galvanization.  I like the look of the crystals.  They remind me of the chemical origins of our world, beyond our perception but occasionally growing large enough and simply enough that it is like a microscope revealing the world around us at another scale.

The goal of the workshop will be to explore the geometric design space around spangles –  the crystal growth of zinc on steel –  to create a pattern to use as masks when (cold) spraying zinc directly onto steel.  Think parametric laser cut graffiti stencils.

The work will culminate in a stenciling strategy for a public sculpture project Oliver is working on. These events are free to attend, simply bring a laptop with your favorite vector rendering program and probably rhino and grasshopper, fill out the safety wavier (which also signs you up on our workshop at aperiodic website) and rsvp by email.