picture by matt baggott

LA Pergolas Paint Party

For two days we used laser cut rubber templates from the spangle workshops and paints with various zinc content to develop a sort of dazzle camouflage for the galvanized surface of the LA Pergolas structures.  The goal was to establish a method for integrating graffiti, manufacturing defects and weathering into a constantly evolving crystalline surface treatment.  The appearance is inspired by a magnified fractal impression of the natural crystal structure of electrically excited zinc used to protect steel in most infrastructural steel like sign posts on the side of the freeway.

Zachery Schoch, Tony Hudgins, Oliver Hess, Allison Behrstock, Olivier Hart, Micke Tong, General, Jenda Michl, Matt Baggott, Nick Vida, Elisa Salcedo, Krista Machovina.