Conceptually Picturesque

An evening long architectural concept rendering workshop in the third week of March.  We will use grasshopper to generate some simple utopian structures, match geometry and render them in rhino and then use stock images from the internet to composite them into a beautiful and stylish rendering.  The idea comes from three converging issues at Aperiodic Industries:

1. concept images are increasingly the lingua franca of these times, the tools to build anything exist, but the time, money and feasibility is not yet there.  These images give a preview, a roadmap and an aspiration thrill to these emerging possibilities.  We will discuss the trends of rendering and their eventual revelations in the physical world.
2. Aperiodic Industries would like to start an archive of futuristic conceptual architecture for the purposes of infusing these into society and tracking their changes over time, come to the workshop to create your contribution.  If you can operate rhino and photoshop you can do this!
3. because we all have ideas and the general skills to produce this work the biggest stumbling block is capturing that style, that look and that perspective that really communicates an idea.  We will have a tutorial on the process of creating an effective architectural concept image.
Ultimately this will be an evening of eating and drinking and experimenting to share ideas and fantasies about the future and how to communicate them.  We hope you might be interested in participating.
rsvp or watch this space to be kept informed as details evolve.