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These are some of the projects that have been completed as a result of Aperiodic collaborative building events and experimental workshops. Please join our mailing list to learn more about how you can join in the fun.

LA Pergolas build


The Los Angeles Pergoals project was awarded to the concept design team of infranatural (then including Jenna Didier, Oliver Hess and Marcos Lutyens) in collaboration with Ned Kahn.  Once the conceptual design was completed Hess took over the detail design and installation oversight of the project under the umbrella of Aperiodic Industries.  Several projects have been executed at Aperiodic including a series of workshops about Spangle, the crystalline project created by the process of galvanizing steel, a key technique of infrastructure construction.

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Project S’more

New York-based architect Edmund Ming-Yip Kwong proposed a old and unique cylindrical grid shell for the Materials & Applications courtyard at a time when Oliver Hess was just about to retire from his post as Co-Director and begin his own art fabrication laboratory. He agreed to produce the installation as a series of workshops. Beginning with creating the technology to produce hundreds of custom curved plywood laminated pieces then to make a 10′ x 5′ laser cutter to make them and another series of workshops to develop the augmented reality jigging system.

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SRL weebles

Karen Marcelo invited Oliver Hess to make a series of props for the Survival Research Labs show at the Extreme Futures Festival in Los Angeles.  Oliver’s first experience working on a volunteer crew to realize large art projects was with SRL back in ’92 on a performance to commemorate the groundbreaking of the SF Modern Art Museum.   So it was easy to devote a couple of weeks to this project.  Mark Pauline gave specific instructions that he wanted Weebles filled with Gak which would explode when crushed by various machines.  We had a series of workshops culminating in VIP tickets to the performance in downtown LA : perfect project.

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