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Every project starts somewhere, frequently large installations have their genesis in small prototypes. These proof of concept objects go on to become larger projects for others often.

Cat Vision

Oliver Hess developed this project to learn more about raspberry pi and raspberry pi cam.  He shared the process with those in the studio at the time.  Unfortunately there was not enough time to do a workshop for the development of this project.  However hacking the analog video tuning chip for a battery powered television was fun for everyone around that day. Continue reading Cat Vision

Get To Nomi

Jason Trucco asked Oliver Hess to create a stage design for a rock opera based on Klaus Nomi performed at the LaMaMa Theater’s Media Circus event.  For months at Aperiodic Industries we had workshops to explore projection interactions and styles that merged the 80s futuristic design aesthetic of the East Village Eye with modern technologies to make Klaus Nomi’s inner world come to life.  The experiments continue.

Heartbeat Sensor

Heartbeat Sasaki requested that Aperiodic help him develop a heartbeat sensor which looked like a shiny silver (his style) disc which appeared to float in the air, and when touched, a user’s heartbeat would be analyzed and outputted.  Oliver designed a prototype and supervised the development of two models to be used in the Venice Bienalle.

Further coding and assembly by David Casey.

Further design and assembly by Sasaki.



Data Pool

TED active 2011 in Palm Spring

Twitter controlled island of balloons that inflate and deflate based on hash tag activity related to participants interest in various research themes at the event.  This project involved a pneumatic valve bank controlled by arduino firmata from a motion tablet programmed by oliver and built by danny and oliver using a compressor and lots of hoses.  The balloons were custom printed and then augmented with pens.