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First Supper

A performative dinner party.

An interactive exploration of sustenance and our fantasies about its sources and destinations. It will be visible to the visiting art crawlers as both a projection on the building and through conveniet windows.

The first supper begins a series of periodic experimental dinners. Food alchemy and advanced social enginnering are the main focuses of these events.

While participants dine on dishes prepared specifically to sustain a moment of flavor in a 3 dimensional form, their preferences and coordinated efforts to consume the meal are relayed to an audience outside the dining room in the form of a 3d simulated cube. The contents of this cube are samples of the dinner table (a light table) imaged periodincally to give yet another 3 dimensional view, but this one reveals the visual changes going on atop the table, Most likely revealing how popular certain dishes are.

September 17th, 2004

Concept Design Sarah Beadle, Jenna Didier and Oliver Hess

Recipes Development Sarah Beadle

Custom Software Oliver Hess